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Services we offer

Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience,
in order to complete each task professionally and in a timely manner.


Experience and authority!

BG Security Ltd.'s team's main priority is that our customers always feel save and protected. We provide 24 hour armed and unarmed security to our entrusted locations.
Our main goal is to protect the life and personal effects of our customers.
Our highly qualified employees can anticipate and prevent any threat and are ready to meet all your needs and expectations.


Professional approach!

BG Security ensures unobstructed mass events, providing a high level of control and security.

Our highly qualified team successfully applies its many years of experience and knowledge, but what distinguishes us is our attention to the details and the flexibility we apply to each individual customer's needs.

With us, you get the results your business expects, at a high level of quality!


Reliable services!

The Personal Security service includes the implementation of a set of measures and steps aimed at protecting the lives, health, security and privacy of our clients.
BG Security Ltd. is dedicated to providing reliable and professional timely service.

Our specially trained employees have considerable experience and proven individual qualities in the field of personal security, able to cope with any given task and to protect the client from any life-threatening and health-related situation.


Always available!

Using only the best quality and proven technology, we provide all our clients with protection of their home, property and business. The protection of property and valuables is largely resolved by the installation of security installations and subsequent response by specialized units.


Security and efficiency!

BG Security has accumulated experience in the security and transportation of cash, valuable parcels and cargoes.
The teams carry out the activity with specialized in-car vehicles localized on the territory of the whole country, according to the specific geographic features.


Safety and security!

BG Security offers a variety of possibilities for different video and video surveillance systems, including specialized equipment, modern equipment, innovations and IP technologies.

With us, you get an efficient 24-hour security and a 24-hour surveillance center.

Remote video surveillance without external perimeter security is a budget option for additional security and control over your sites.

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